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April 29, 2009, 1:35 pm
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45150009Much is written about Military PTSD but we continue to see press reports and film sequences of trauma stressed servicemen and women and an awful lot of money collected by charities but no real face to face action. Save for Dr Fortunato’s amazing work with US service personnel.

We therefore are challenging those in charge of our armed forces to try methods similar to those of Dr Fortunato and embrace alternative therapies such as REIKI, YOGA, TAI CHI, MEDITATION and BIOENERGY combined to create a very powerful method of helping the sufferers to fight their way back to normal life. We are seeking to form a charity to raise funds and awareness to ensure that no serving member or ex serving member has to go without the opportunity to benefit from this treatment free of charge .

We will be seeking professionals in the above listed therapies willing to give of their time and energies. Also hospitals or owners of properties around the country willing to provide space to allow the setting up of Reiki for Military PTSD Clinics. This is by very nature of the wars being fought a long term project.

Welcome your thoughts, offers of help and comments.

We also welcome sufferers of PTSD to contact us and find out how you could benefit .

A website is under construction.


John’s Diary – week 1
Day 1

Week 1



PTSD Sufferer John’s first Reiki treatment.
February 10, 2009, 10:36 pm
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Yesterday  I channelled the Universal Energy to John for the first time. John has suffered from PTSD since 2002 when in Afghanistan a local woman handed him a baby that had been dead 2 weeks. This act on top of all the other horrors of war tipped him over the edge. He still to this day cannot be in the same room as a baby without the full horror flooding back.  He is also fighting a lower body injury for which there seems no medical cure. John does not know how to relax and is genuinely grateful for any help offered while freely admitting that help is not something often offered.

John went into a state of deep relaxation within the first two to three minutes of the Reiki treatment and stayed that way well after the treatment was finished some three quarters of an hour later.  Chatting afterwards he stated he felt deep heat from my hands and a profound state of relaxation. He also felt “very different” so a good start. Next Monday we try again and I feel hopeful at the end of the six week course of treatment we will see a different John appear.

Monday 16th February 2009

John reported that he had slept well after his first session of Reiki and had encountered a rare sense of relaxation. Some pain had lessened and he felt better in  himself. Perhaps less depressed. During his second session he relaxed more quickly and an ongoing pain in his right ankle lessened noticeably. ‘He felt it go when I was treating his Root Chakra area. Little steps but significant and John is displaying less signs of depression and is keenly looking foirward to his next session.

John is not his real name. His confidentiality is being respected


If you want to know more about Reiki or try its benefits then contact me on

Positive steps on the road to providing real help for PTSD sufferers

On May the 25th 2008 Donna Miles wrote an article in the American Forces Press Service Bulletin about the astounding  breakthrough by the Benedictine monk Dr John E. Fortunato in the field of PTSD sufferers in the military, entitled “Military use of REIKI for soldiers with PTSD”. 

The program is the brainchild of Dr Fortunato, who uses an holistic approach to treating PTSD at the newly formed Fort Bliss Restoration and Resilience Center.  Dr Fortunato concedes that it wasn’t an easy sell, but driven by the frustration of seeing so many soldiers with PTSD being forced to leave the military against their wishes he battled on and eventually won a grant of $2.2m and the use of a 1940’s barrack building which allowed him to set up his center in June 2006. 

Aiming to use the mind to heal the body Reiki became a central treatment along with yoga , massage therapy and other non traditional treatments. These treatments combined with physical activities such as minimum 10.000 steps a day and physical interaction in sport such as water polo making soldiers normally reluctant to interact to mix openly with their comrades.

The program is proving so successful that soldiers are voluntarily applying to eturn to the front. Dr Fortunato states that the cost of treating each soldier is around $14,000 to $20,000 which compared with training a new recruit is negligible as it costs some $40,000 to recruit and train a new soldier.

We here in the UK have a considerable PTSD problem and the approach that I have met is still very 1918. As one officer I spoke to put it  “Well at least we have stopped shooting them”    How wonderful would it be to recreate the Restoration and Resilience Center here for our boys and girls. Well that is the target I’m setting myself and I’ll keep you informed of the journey.

I am about to test this theory tomorrow when I subject a soldier veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who has suffered with PTSD for some time now and has volunteered to act as a guinea pig and help me find others in need and also involve himself in the fight to help others. I’ll let you know John’s (Not his real name) gets on tomorrow and the following weeks. I’m positive I can involve other therapists and am researching forming a charity so that the costs of treatment are free to the sufferers.  Any therapist out there who wants to help out or get involved please feel free top contact me. I’m looking for Acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, and fitness instructors amongst others.   Let’s make it clear from the outset this project is to act alongside existing methods and Military and NHS clinics.


Be good to hear from you.  Also if any PTSD sufferers are reading this then please get in touch we need to hear from you as well. Especially you.

Greetings and welcome to my brand new Blog

I thought it would be a good idea to add a Blog to my site and use it to allow my patients and other visitors to travel with me during my days in the Chiropody/Podiatry clinic and my Reiki times.  In both cases you’ll be privileged to bear witness to healing events some every day ordinary but nevertheless educational and some life changing and moving.

ptsdThis Blog is also open to all servicemen and women as well as those in public services whose duties lead them into the terrible world of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

 So today I’m going to talk about the work going on in the USA with the US Military and how I believe we can make some changes here. Trials in the USA have started to prove that Reiki can have an effect on sufferers of PTSD and I want to try with your help to encourage its use here.

The work being carried out in the USA is currently spearheaded by Dr John Fortunato at the Resilience Clinic at Fort Bliss Texas. There will be links at the foot of this page, which will allow you to read published articles about his work so I will keep it brief and concentrate on how I think we can collectively help our people. . The major hurdle I have faced so far is the service hierarchy who are not in a hurry to admit our boys and girls could possibly suffer this way. But let’s not jump too far now as I suspect there are a great many of you out there who possibly do not know what Reiki is. So lets spend a moment and acquaint ourselves with this beautiful and powerful healing force.

Reiki is a God given healing power that embraces all religions, creeds and nationalities. Researched, discovered and taught by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century Reiki has become possibly the fastest growing and most effective healing method today. A Reiki attuned healer/therapist heals by channelling Universal Energy into the patient / recipient allowing the body to use that energy to heal itself.  As some of you know I have channelled Reiki to friends and patients with good effect. It is the Reiki energy that helps to create the calm atmosphere in my clinic. Hence the desire to help our servicemen overcome their PTSD. I can’t do this totally alone so if any body reading this wants to give a little time to this project or knows somebody back from Iraq or Afghanistan suffering from PTSD or any other kind of trauma, or has a comment about this idea then let’s hear from you.

Also if you have any questions about your feet or anything else (within reason) then come aboard. If you have suffered from cancer or any other equally frightening disease or you are the husband, wife, partner or friend of somebody then feel free to ask how Reiki could perhaps help you. Or if you have a comment or disagree with anything I’ve said so far let’s hear from you.

Peter Hayward M.Inst.Ch.P
Chiropodist/ Podiatrist and Reiki Master